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Easy to set up, carry to trainings and great for travel.
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Pilates Yoga Gym Fitness

The PYG is the next-generation of Supreme Pilates and Supreme Toning tower. Created by master Pilates trainer, Ellen Croft. This portable version includes Rope Yoga and a Cable Crossover pulley system. The P.Y.G. or Pilates Yoga Gym hangs easily on any door and may be attached to a wall.

Made in USA
WHo we are?

We are Inventa Motion Inc., We strives to provide quality fitness products that are unique in how they function and how the body utilizes them. Our Pilates Yoga Gym product sets up quickly and works the entire body. It can easily be integrated into your everyday life. The PYG is made of heavy canvas, with soft non-scratch straps. Some parts are made in USA, Imported Steel Pilates Springs, Harken ropes and ball bearing pulleys, Yoga straps and handles.

PYG - Portable Pilates Tower, Yoga Straps and Cable Gym System

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Pilates.Yoga.Gym. Created by Ellen Croft - Master Trainer. Work 3 different body systems with 3 different modalities.  Pilates-Working deep core muscles, strengthen while lengthening.  Yoga - Stretch and strengthen superficial muscles while bringing flexibility to tight joints.   Gym pulley system - strengthening with resistance.

PYG's soft fabric straps attach around any door without damaging it. 

Why Customer Choose Us?

I love my P.Y.G. I have one at home & bought a 2nd one to travel with. Easy to use, so many different exercise options & great results! Also love the Zoom classes available too. This is the best investment for anyone who wants to workout at home, or warm up before going to do your sport, or stretch at the end of your workout.

Nathan Ellis

I love this PYG! It allows me to do a lot of Pilates and gym exercises, and assisted yoga positions, and is SUPER easy to take anywhere. I have it mounted on my wall because I don’t have a door that has enough space around it, but I think it’s brilliant that all it needs is a door to put it up and workout.

Amisha Zuber

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